This June at Miro Tea, we’re celebrating Rooibos, the South African red bush. Although it’s not a true “tea” (rooibos comes from the Aspalathus linearis plant, not the Camellia sinensis), this special bush produces delicious, world-famous beverage when infused in hot water. To celebrate rooibos month, we at Miro Tea have a few events planned:

  • All rooibos beverages and loose leaf bulk purchases get a 15% discount!
  • We’re offering free samples of loose rooibos for customers to try at home!
  • We’ll be serving “The Ernie,” a special iced rooibos beverage (to be introduced next entry), all month!
  • Informational rooibos handouts are available at the store, and I’ll be posting informational articles about rooibos’ processing and health benefits as well.

If you’ve never tried rooibos, you’ve been missing out on quite a treat. June is the perfect month to enjoy this naturally caffeine-free, healthy beverage–it’s delicious both hot and iced.

If you haven’t already, check out this earlier post about the origin of rooibos as a cultivated crop.

More to come…