Top to Bottom, Organic Yellow Mt. Mao Feng, Organic Taiping Monkey King, Liu An Melon Seed, 3 fresh 2008 teas featured this month at Miro.

Now that June’s over, we get to bid Rooibos month a tearful farewell at Miro Tea and welcome in July–Chinese Green Tea Month! Much like June’s rooibos events and specials, we’ll be showcasing our Chinese green tea selection all July. The freshest and tastiest spring harvest green teas are en route to our store from China, and we’re excited to start sharing them with you, our customers! We also have a few special additions to our program this month!

  • All Chinese green teas (including bulk) will be discounted 15%!
  • Informational handouts will be available in-store that fill in some important and general information about China’s illustrious green tea and its history.
  • This blog will feature more in-depth posts about Chinese green tea, including detailed tasting notes for our premium new teas.
  • Our store clearance area will feature some seriously great deals–Chinese Green and Yellow teas will be available at 50% off–2 oz for the price of 1!
  • Finally, and most excitingly, July is the first month that we’ll be conducting in-store tea workshops! I’ll post dates, times and other relevant information when it’s all confirmed, but as for now I can say that we’ll be conducting regular Tea 101 introductory classes, as well as guided tastings on our new premium Chinese greens–it’ll be a great way to explore a large number of teas in small amounts with guidance from yours truly.

Chinese green tea is one of my very favorite tea types, and I’m really excited to start sharing the outstanding quality, diverse flavors, and all-around experience that they offer. Check back soon for more updates!