Even if I didn’t have a calendar, I think I’d probably still know that summer is fading into memory and fall is upon us–if only from how chilly my hands get on my morning bike ride to Miro Tea! As we’ve been trying to do on a monthly basis, the beginning of October marks the beginning of a tea feature; this month it’s White Tea, an ideal choice for sipping during the quiet moments of a crisp, sunny fall afternoon (which we’ll hopefully get a few of this October!).

I’m excited to feature white tea for a number of reasons–white tea’s recent surge in popularity has really catapulted it into the general public’s consciousness. From Snapple and other “ready to drink” beverages to vitamin supplements, white tea is being touted for its health benefits, and is often described as “better than green tea.” So, with white tea’s rising popularity, it’s a great opportunity to expose curious people to premium white teas, so they can see the best of what this tea type has to offer. Also, this month will be a great opportunity to clear up some of the misinformation that has come along with white tea’s popularity–look for a few short articles regarding caffeine, health benefits, and processing.

As usual, we’ve got a few features going to celebrate white tea:

  • 15% off white tea by the cup or pot, as well as bulk
  • We’ve got a few white teas in our clearance area, including some seldom-seen Darjeeling white teas–not to be missed by both adventurous white tea fans and Darjeeling fanatics
  • We’ll be cupping on request, side by side, Bai Hao Silver Needle and White Peony, the two classic white tea types.
  • General white tea information (including upcoming articles) will be condensed in take-home handouts available in Miro Tea.

Be on the lookout for the next couple of informational articles, and try a cup of white tea!