Holiday greetings from all of us here at Miro Tea! Seattle has been swamped by an extremely unusual snowstorm for over a week, so we’re looking much more seasonal and festive than most of our other Christmases! Thankfully, hot tea and crepes are the perfect remedy for the cold weather! It’s been an interesting week, since travel has been unorthodox, but our Ballard neighborhood is full of devoted local shoppers and we saw lots of familiar faces out and about on foot (and even cross country skis!) when driving was all but impossible. I certainly enjoyed walking to work on silent, icy streets–Mad Max style, down the middle of the road. Thanks to you, our customers, for making this holiday a warm one!

Unfortunately the busy holiday season has waylaid my plans to introduce our two new Wuyi oolongs, but I promise (New Year’s resolution time!) to provide tasting notes post-haste!

Happy holidays to you and yours!