For any readers out there who aren’t already aware, many businesses in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood participate in a monthly event called “Artwalk.” Basically, businesses host local artists and display their art on a monthly basis, and the second Saturday of each month is the official “opening,” during which most businesses host receptions and the artists are usually there to represent their work. Miro Tea has been hosting art every month since we opened, and our blog is an excellent way to get a little bit more information about our artists to the public.

This May’s artist is Winston Haycock. I had the pleasure of meeting Winston yesterday when he came in to hang his art. He’s got a great energy and it really translates well to his art–our walls are looking fantastic with lots of bright, stimulating color. Included here are some samples of Winston’s pieces that are currently hanging at Miro, as well as a few pics of some “pop nostalgia” pieces Winston also wanted the public to see, along with Winston’s bio. Please feel free to stop by and meet Winston at this Saturday’s opening–the Artwalk event officially lasts from 6-9 pm, and Winston’s art will be up all month!

Winston Haycock has been creating multimedia paintings since 2000 when he discovered the fun of seeing different paints react to one another, changing their original form into something quite different with each experimentation. He has made over 1,000 of these paintings and can’t wait to get to the next body of work after a series has been finished. He is getting quite known in the Pacific Northwest for this style and also enjoys painting pop style oils based in the nostalgic vein, which he calls his ongoing Sinatra Series, a style inspired by his landscape-painting mother, Velma Young, who brought him up with classic movies from a very early age . She taught him the landscape and how to use a palette knife, and he eventually learned (he is a self – taught artist) photo realism in pencil and graduated to brushes and oils.

Winston focused on the portrait from the urging of his father, Dave, and eventually was painting famous people in surreal group landscape settings, some in a sort of a children’s storybook fantasy land, and others from real movie still photos . He made his first abstract multimedia piece in 1999 using coffee beans encased in wax, and found the mixed media a welcome break from the very crisp, tight lined nostalgic oil work, so he started having shows mixing the two styles together. He now keeps each style separate when having a show, and the current opening he is having on May 9th is no exception. This will be Winston’s 33rd artist reception and the show is indeed whimsical, focusing on his new Hidden Poem series, he includes his new flat oil abstract series and new patina copper series, all together a very highly textural and colorful show. The flat oil abstracts were inspired by a recent commission from a family member, and the copper patina color ties the whole body of work together and makes the show complete. Encompassing the full spectrum of color and playing with ” text”(ing), Winston gives the public a very childlike but sincerely thoughtful show of decorative fun pieces, which have been doing very well in the Ballard area. His media include common table salt, wood stain, aluminum foil tape, caramel colored hide glue, roof tar patch, drywall cement patch, oil bar, airplane enamel, ground marble and glass, encaustic beeswax/oil bonding and many other mixtures of interesting paint, including Japan paint and acrylic gel. Winston’s work is reasonably priced ($80-$120) because he can make about 20-40 pieces each month. The work is often 3 feet in length enough room on the wood panels he uses to show what different paints do when mixed in unorthodox ways, but not too big to find a spot above your piano or sofa! Winston is currently illustrating a children’s book about his cat Francis Mcoullagh for Random House, and also paints wine labels for wineries in eastern Washington, where he has a permanent show of ongoing work at the 6th Street Gift & Art Gallery in Prosser, WA (509-786-3088). He can be reached at home in his studio at 206-588-0222 or by email at