The busy summer months haven’t left much time for blogging here at Miro Tea, so I’m here to quickly introduce this month’s artist and mention that this hot (for Seattle) weather is perfect for enjoying iced tea…feel free to stop by, check out Aba’s art, and try one of our Green Tea Mojitos or an iced tea latté or chai!

Aba Diallo was born in Dakar, Senegal, a busy, international port on
the Atlantic Coast of Africa. In school he studied philosophy and
literature as well as the French language. After high school, he
moved to Goree Island (World Heritage Site), a tourist and historic
destination 20 minutes west of downtown Dakar. There he bagan to work
for his uncle who owns an art gallery selling sculptures, paintings,
jewelery and other handicrafts made by local artists. After a year of
this type of work he soon took interest in the origins of the art
pieces at the boutique. He became friends with veteran painters on
the island and began an apprenticeship, learning many things about the
art scene and business on the island. He started to create his own
style of painting using collage and a technique of sewing canvases
together to make “patch-work” paintings. This type of work is truly
his passion in life, second only to God, it is a way to express
himself and show the way of life he has grown up with, while
supporting himself and his family.

It’s been a great pleasure looking at Aba’s art for the last few weeks. Not only do the bright colors fill our space with energy, the tapestry-style hangings really make the works stand out and grab attention in a really unique way! He’s already sold several pieces, so stop by and check them out before they’re all gone! The art will be up for a couple more weeks, but you can check it out on Aba’s website any time:

Happy summer!