This December, our “tea” type of the month is botanicals. What are botanicals, you ask? I’ll tell you what! Most likely, you’re actually already familiar with botanicals under a different name–“herbal tea,” or perhaps “tisanes.” The term refers to any infused beverage not made from the tea (Camellia sinensis) plant. Since “tea” specifically means Camellia sinensis, it’s incorrect to call an herbal or floral infusion “tea.” Additionally, not all non-tea infusions are “herbs,” so “botanicals” makes a perfect all-encompassing name. Most botanicals are naturally caffeine-free, with the exception of yerba mate. Like our past featured teas, botanicals will get the royal treatment for the entire month:

  • 15% off all botanical beverages and bulk purchases in-store.
  • Clearance botanicals can be found in our sale section.
  • An informational handout regarding the definitions of, preparation of, and potential health benefits of botanicals are available to take home.

Botanicals are not only a great replacement for hot caffeinated tea on these cold December days, they also make excellent additions to your favorite teas–a sprinkle of lemongrass or lavender can give your favorite breakfast blend an added kick, and we’ve got a nice selection of unblended botanicals for just that purpose!