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This week, we will

be hosting some exciting new events in the shop. Tomorrow night,

this group reading of Seattle poets featuring Megan Snyder-Camp, Laura Shoemaker, and Sarah Steinke. An MFA graduate of the University of Washington creative writing program who has taught at the UW and Hugo House, Megan Snyder-Camp is here with her debut book of poems, The Forest of Sure Things (Tupelo Press). This received the Tupelo/Crazyhorse Award for outstanding first book. “Megan Snyder-Camp’s poems, like mosaics, are built of curious and gem-like pieces: stand close and they’re entrancing; take a few steps back and they reveal a sweeping, vaster movement of mind. With a quiet magical realism and audible adoration of language, Snyder-Camp builds an intensely personal yet clearly narrative frame. With a documentarian’s eye (and a wonderfully inventive, graceful sense of form), she gazes at our deepest fears and embraces the insistent beauty of the new.” – Lia Purpura. Laura Shoemaker, who has taught writing at the University of Washington and Hugo House, has had poems in FIELD and The Bellingham Review, and is here with a new chapbook, For Want (Finishing Line Press). Sarah Steinke, an MFA graduate of the University of Washington, has taught at Seattle Pacific University, has had work published in Laurel Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and elsewhere. She is presently Artist in Resident at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Seattle, working on poems addressing Advent.